Chapter 4. ARTA SYNERGY Administration application

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Table of Contents

Browser settings
Log in to the System
Interface and modules of the System
File cabinet
User management
Remote companies
General settings
Доступ к объектам конфигурации
Notification settings
User service settings
Интеграция с SharePoint
Mail settings
XMPP settings
System management
Database management
Управление индексом документов
Управление индексом форм
Управление индексом файлов
Application status
Backup management
Информация о лицензии
File change notifications

Browser settings

In order for your browser to work correctly, its settings may require some adjustments. First of all, you should check network settings. Some companies access Internet via proxy server. In such cases you should disable proxy for IP address of ARTA SYNERGY server, for example in this way:

Figure 4.1. Setting proxy exception list in Mozilla Firefox web browser

Setting proxy exception list in Mozilla Firefox web browser

Here you can see exception printed in red. IP address of server can be different in your case.

You should also check that JavaScript is enabled in the browser settings or any plug-in or any other means. For ease of use, we recommend you to create shortcuts to the System log-in page in a readily available place — desktop, bookmarks, or browser toolbar.

If you have any problems with code pages, please, set it as UTF-8 in your browser settings.